Our vision and values

We attach a huge importance on confidentiality whilst we conduct the search for both our clients and our candidates.

In fact, integrity and discretion are totally part of our work. We know how important these issues are for you and we know from experience how to handle them efficiently. 

croissant des entreprises Transparency is also paramount in our way of working and everything we do. Being the interface between our clients and our candidates we think it is a key value to guarantee a perfect match between the respective needs of the 2 parties. 

We are an experienced and totally focussed team working in a field which has change so much over the last 5 to 6 years ...the field of Purchasing.

Purchasing today is understanding where is your company going, where the growth is coming from, how you create value for your clients, where is your differentiation, therefore allowing us to fully understand the strategy and culture that will take your company forward so as to find the highest level purchasing professionals who are adapted to you. 

The key word today for most companies is GROWTH!!

In certain cases value creation will come from having the most competitive prices. For other companies, price will not be the key issue, value creation will come from innovation and having tomorrow's products and services on the market today. In other cases, value creation will come from speed-to-market and the ability to be extremely reactive. 

croissant des entreprisesValue creation can also come from the constant ability to eliminate risk

On the other hand, for more and more companies today, value creation will come from their capacity to have a growing respect for the environment and their desire to find and implement correctly balanced social conditions for their company and for their suppliers throughout the world.

In today's world, for almost all companies, at least 60% of their turnover represents goods and services bought in from outside. Then, in order to grow, there needs to be a clear understanding throughout the whole business of where value creation will come from.

As more than 60% of their value creation will be coming from the companies supplying them, companies have to make sure that the people working with those supplier companies are fully aligned with the business so as to never lose sight of where their growth is coming from.