The Change in Purchasing

In the past, Purchasing was about cost out, bottom line, reducing cost. Today, whilst cost out has still enormous potential in multinationals, a new objective is to use purchasing and suppliers as a force of proposition to drive forward top line growth through product innovation and ‘speed-to-market’.

enjeux des achats Certain benchmark Multinationals have transformed their purchasing organisations so as to optimise all ‘cost out’ and ‘value in’ opportunities but in many cases, there is still enormous potential to be exploited and a huge gap to be filled in terms of the resources that are allocated to the procurement organisation. 

Purchasing requires high level, quick thinking, ‘street wise’ people, to master, implement and use new types of tools and processes. But more than ever, purchasing requires today business-minded people who have a deep understanding of what is the real value added of purchasing and its potential impact on company performance and shareholder value.

Our expertise in purchasing allows us to understand these strategic and operational roles and these new needs in terms of human resources. 

Karisma provides the right people to purchasing organisations, people who have all the necessary ingredients to move purchasing forward and bring significant results to their employer.