We will then start an active search through our data base, our network and the use of appropriate communication means and tools to assess the candidates.
If the position is not confidential, we would advertise it in appropriate media which have proved to be efficient. 

We will only present you candidates who we have fully screened, checked references for and recruit ourselves if we were in your position.

Our selection process is fully based on the requirements defined together in terms of experience, competencies, personality, hard and soft skills, motivations and values, ability to project oneself in the future, management potential. évaluation d'un candidat

This chart shows that we assess the candidates mainly on theses 3 areas: hard skills, soft skills and finally on motivation.

Karisma develops a wide range of processes, methods and tools to assess : 

Hard skills : experience in different type of Purchasing (local, corporate…) different tools and processes (sourcing, cost breakdown, negotiation, outsourcing, supplier relationship development, e-procurement …), experience in management, international experience... 

Soft skills : capacity to work in a team, autonomy and initiative, creativity, influencing skills, analytical and conceptual thinking, self development and learning, energy level, motivations and values, management potential...

But from experience, we know that the motivations which will attract a candidate towards your organisation are essential. The candidate could have ‘all the skills in the world’ but if he does not own a deep desire to join your organisation and is not able to project himself on a long term period within your company, the ‘marriage’ is not possible. This is the reason why we deeply investigate the candidate’s current situation and we want to know the profound reasons leading this person to apply for your position.